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Teaching Philosophy

I believe that a teacher has a symbiotic relationship with their students where both parties grow together. A student sees their teacher as a role model that they can follow and they can rely on. Therefore, as a teacher, I have a responsibility towards my students to be exemplary and help them succeed in the classroom. I would like to list some aspects of my personal teaching philosophy as below.

From the first day of the class

During each lesson...

Practice, Practice & Practice 

It is important that students practice questions on their own. With practice students are able to solve questions quickly and more accurately, an important skill in most exams! 


It is important as an educator to give and get feedback often. These are few methods I employ to give and get feedback from my students. 

No student is left behind 

Resources fro Students

Useful Online/Free Tools for Students

Other Resources for students

Courses I Have Taught

At Michigan State University 

At Ohio University

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